Maasai Culture & Traditions
Our Client at the Maasai Boma

The Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting Northern, Central and Southern Kenya. And in Northern Tanzania Maasai are among the best-known local populations. Internationally due to their residence near many game parks of the African Great Rift Valley, and their distinctive customs and dress. In the Maasai tradition, a boy's “age set” is critical. After spending the previous night in dry, scrub brush forest. The boys are…

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Our Tour guide captured this rare sighting. A rare appearance of a Giraffe inside Ngorongoro Crater is a simply strange story. In wildlife phenomenon, that was reporting in Tanzania by tour guide this year. This giraffe has been spotted inside the Ngorongoro Crater by our Guides. This is the first time, in recent years, that a giraffe descends onto the floor of Caldera. Tour guides captures the…

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A Story To Learn
Beekeeping is the maintenance of bee colonies, commonly in man-made beehives

My dad has bees Hive. Today I went to his house, and he showed me all of the honey he had gotten from the hives. He took the lid off of a 5-gallon bucket full of honey and on top of the honey there were 3 little bees, struggling.

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This post if for those who have decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but right now they are wondering on how they are going to make it to this Roof of Africa. Take your time with us!  here are seven tips that can help you reach your goal! For the highest chance of success and the lowest risk of altitude sickness, choose a longer journey to the summit rather…

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