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5 reasons why Tanzania is one of the finest bird-watching destinations in Africa.

With 1140 species including 200 migrants and 74 marine birds present.

Tanzanian birding safaris are best during the rainy season. Migrants and residents in breeding plumage.

1. The preeminent birding locations include Arusha National Park.

With 400 birds in a diversity of habitats contained in a small area. You may observe on a white-faced whistling duck, with its whistling three-note lament, or a dusky flycatcher.

An image to display Buzzard birds on the tree.
2. Tawny eagles and buzzards hover above Ngurdoto Crater

The Momella Lakes is the place for water birds and waders. Lake Manyara National Park offers pink flamingos, pelicans, storks, cormorants, hornbills and many more with over 400 recorded species. Greater and lesser flamingos are also found in Ngorongoro Crater and millions mass on their breeding ground at Lake Natron.

3. Tarangire swamps are home to over 550 species.

With weighty Kori bustards, ostriches, secretary bird and helmeted guinea fowls on the drier plains, where weavers and lovebirds are also common.

An image to display Secretary Bird at its natural habitat.
4. A Serengeti 500 birding species safari reveals endemic Fischer’s lovebird.

A bright-hued small parrot also found in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, grey crowned crane, and the brown snake eagle.

5. Buff-crested bustards and spike-heeled larks’ nest on the plains below Mount Kilimanjaro.

Best known for Abbot’s starlings with white bellies and purple capes, alpine hill chats and scarlet-tufted malachite sunbirds, whilst lammergeyer haunt its upper slopes.



1. Serengeti National Park

Known for its wildlife, the Serengeti is also home to a variety of bird species. It offers opportunities to spot Greater Flamingos, Whydahs, and many other birds.

An image to display grey crowned crane birds

2. Tarangire National Park

This park is famous for its large elephant herds and baobab trees. It is also a great place for birdwatching, with diverse bird species to be seen.

3. Lake Manyara National Park

 Located at the base of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Manyara National Park is known for its tree-climbing lions and large flocks of flamingos. It is also a haven for birdwatchers, with numerous bird species to be spotted.

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These destinations offer a combination of wildlife and birdwatching experiences, making them ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Please note that there are many other birdwatching locations in Tanzania, such as Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Usambara Mountains, Ruaha National Park, and Rubondo Island National Park.

It is well knowing that travelling is very expensive and time consuming to most people, so it should be well organized and fulfill your travel desire. For tips and information about how to prepare right trip read this post or for further information and travel guide visit Tado Travel.

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Below are bonus categories safari can be well organized as extension to bird watching.


Wildlife safaris in Tanzania.

We prepare your dream safari in Tanzania in a beautiful scenery, amazing landscapes.

Private Safaris.

We believe that this is the best way to ensure a discerning safari in Tanzania customize your tailor-made safari with an option of a private guide and exclusive transport just for you.

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Honeymoon Safaris In Tanzania.

Tanzania is home to combination of romantic adventures and landscapes such as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and the world-famous Kilimanjaro National Park. Whether it be a safari or bush and beach combination honeymoon, the continent has clearly ticked the “romance Gift for you on table “Celebrate your wedding bliss, honeymoon package that saving you and your partner’s luxurious accommodation at a selection of luxury safari lodges.

We offer a unique Honeymoon safari and experiences, themed in romance combined with Beach vacations and mountain climbing adventures which creates memories to last your entire lifetime.

Family Safari in Tanzania

Family adventure Safari offers you a complete safari experience in the most legendary National park and conservation areas of the Northern Tanzania. This is the ideal for those who wants to see and experience the stunning wildlife and breathtaking.

This tour is a delight for all ages and is an ideal family holiday. The excitements of it are adventure is truly shared allowing parents, Grandparents and children to treasures their memories for ever after.

An image to display a kid on Safari

Luxury Safaris in Tanzania

The supreme safari luxuries of Tanzanian wilderness experiences are never to be forgotten self-indulgence on a spectacular scale. Each rustically boutique camp offers something differently richer.

Photo Safaris in Tanzania.

We offer photography safari in Tanzania that’s puts you in the care of a hand-picked photographic instructor so that you will learn how to get the very best out of your camera during your game drives.

Cultural Safaris in Tanzania

We believe the cultural diversity of Tanzania is one of its greatest strengths. By meeting and understanding people whose views and values are very different from your own, you acquire new insights.

An image to display Tado travel guest with maasai man on Culture safari

Walking Safaris in Tanzania

Walking safaris in Tanzania embraces you with the landscape and the wildlife, disturbing it as little as possible, and becoming just another animal, alert and aware of every nuance of wilderness.

An image to display our guest getting ready for walking in the trails.

Horseback safaris in Tanzania

Horse riding safaris in Tanzania are conducted in private wildernesses, yet it is a distinct way to immerse yourself with the pristine landscape, diverse wildlife, fauna, and the indigenous people.

Balloon Safari In Tanzania.

A balloon safari in Tanzania is a fantastic once in a lifetime experience, particularly suitable for a bird’s eye-view game viewing experience on your wildlife tour in Serengeti and Tarangire.

image to display Hot air Balloon on the air of Serengeti.

Tanzania Bush & Beach Safaris.

This tour will take you to the major Northern Tanzania National Parks which are Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Zanzibar Beach. This is the combination of the incredible wildlife experiences at Northern Tanzania circuits with a Relaxing Beach stay on the beautiful exotic island of Zanzibar.

Don’t miss out one of the above-mentioned Safari packages from our store this summer we have categorized them according to everyone need and preferences.

Is Tanzania a good birding destination?

Tanzania is a good birding destination it is estimated with 800 species are resident and nearly 200 are regular migrant. However, Migrants are present from November to April.

Is this Safari to Tanzania for me?

This safari is a great way to experience the scenery and wildlife of Northern Tanzania. We have you will enjoy and experience game drive in the Tanzania famous national parks, all this with your private vehicle and guide.

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