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Kilimanjaro represents the whole magnificence of East Africa. It is not only the highest peak in Africa; it is also the highest free standing mountain in the world on this way, in the middle of the savanna. The Kilimanjaro National Park covers an area of 755 sq. km. It is located 130 km from Arusha.

Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is not too difficult for such an altitude. Many walkers have already reached the edge of the crater, Stella Point, just before the true summit, Uhuru Peak.

There are several paths that bring you to the top and the climb is normally done in 6-7 days / 5-6 nights.

We are specialized in the Rongai, Lemosho and Machame route (in refuge), which requires experienced guides and best logistics, but we also offer the Marangu (in refuge) and Shira (in camp) routes. Our expertise teams plus the quality of our from Europe imported equipment has much contribution on your highly success rate (over 90%).

To improve security, we optionally provide a decompression chamber and we use mobile phones to be in permanent contact with our teams. We work with French and English speaking guides, and our cooks strive to offer our guests a balanced and varied menu, prepared only with fresh products.

Climbing Mount Meru (4565 m) will be a wonderful experience for all very good walkers. The mountain is near the city of Arusha.

The ascent is quite steep and needs three or four days, with accommodation in refuges. It includes several climbs and descents with a very steep final section. Technically, Mount Meru is the most difficult trek in the region, but it is an excellent preparation for the ascent of the roof of Africa, the Kilimanjaro.

Splendid views on Kilimanjaro and Lengai will reward you for your efforts.

The only active volcano in Tanzania, the Oldonyo Lengai, is the sacred mountain of the Maasai people. It is located north east of Ngorongoro Crater and south of Lake Natron.

The Ol Doinyo Lengai is the sole volcano in the world to produce lava consisting of sodium carbonate, iron and calcium, giving a black color when it is molten and white when it cools, which explains the snowy aspect of the volcano.

The volcano last erupted in September 2007 and currently undertaking the ascent of Lengai should be done with caution because the volcano is constantly active.

The climb is done at night in 5 to 7 hours walking in order to reach the summit at sunrise and enjoy a view on the Rift Valley. The area, accessible after long hours on a trail and only inhabited by Maasai, is absolutely beautiful.

The climb is steep and for experienced walkers. It is generally integrated in a safari tour.

Not far from the Ngorongoro crater are 2 other craters, less known and less visited than the previous one, but still interesting for a day of hiking off the beaten pathes.

Olmoti crater, from which the river Munger with its beautiful waterfall rises, culminates at 3290 m. On beautiful walks you will admire spectacular views. It will also be an opportunity to meet Maasai and their cattle near the village of Nainokanoka.

The Empakaai crater, partially filled by an alkaline lake, appears as an oasis. The steep trail that descends into the lush jungle is absolutely fantastic. Below, thousands of pink flamingos have found their home.

We can also organize a trek of 3 days/2 nights from Ngorongoro to Natron, via the Empakaai Crater. Naiobi ans Acacia. A local Maasai guide will escort you, as well as some donkeys to carry your luggages and all the camping equipment. A beautiful hike through the Rift Valley

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