As for Tanzania National Park Authority policy on the park preservation Vehicles are required to stay on the created trails to protect the land of Serengeti, wildlife and ensures the beauty of the park for future generations. Balloon is the one of the best ways to off-road exploring out of the trails, over the rivers and taking the majesty of the wildebeest migration through the branches of trees. It is one of the best ways to view wildlife outbound.

Balloons are huge and compartmented backsets it can accommodate around 16 people in each fight depending on the number of the people.

Things you need to know About Serengeti Hot Air balloon

Serengeti Balloon Safari adventure starts early morning when it is still dark outside, and you may be lucky enough to see some of the nocturnal animals on the way to the launch site.

As soon as you arrive at the ground you will meet your pilot and witness your balloon being inflated and prepared to launch.

After being briefing and demonstration of boarding and landing position you will board your balloon and start to lift off, as the sun arises your balloon floats following directions the of winds heading over the area.

Trust us! It is an adventure that we know where we have started. But we genuinely don’t understand where we will land due to the direction and speed of the wind. Your pilot will use varying altitudes and layers of air to navigate the balloon over this amazing area.

A balloon Flight over the Serengeti offers an opportunity to see the Serengeti National Park from a unique perspective. You will notice wildlife trails made by generations of animals impossible to see from the ground. Our flight is for about one hour, depending on conditions.

This flight will take place over the areas out of boundary. Because with vehicle you cannot drive off road in Serengeti.

After landing you will celebrate in the traditional way with a champagne toast. Before heading off for your prepared special African breakfast.

Your chef will prepare breakfast in the bush. They will serve you a fresh just to make your adventure memorable in the end. After breakfast we will transfer you to the point where you will meet your driver guide. From there you will continue with your other activities.

Due to the gentle wind and predictable weather. Serengeti offers perfect hot air balloon conditions every day of the year. So, it is an option we give to any trip that we provide.