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Support our Community


Most of our community lives under poverty life, they cannot afford their basic needs. The most affected are women and children mostly left with no one to take care of them, provide and guide them through their growth process. I grow up in this environment, I have seen a lot of this situations to many individual children. Now I’m adult I feel I should contribute to their live and make some different, I should take a step to help the children that are less fortune by work hard to generate fund through partner and support  local community business by assist them to sell their handcraft product and 25% generated from this business goes straight to assist several children’s programs.

Some fund also raised from solicitation of individual people, and other agency whose we share the same feeling toward this situation.

This Children are struggling every day to survive, get meal, shelter and build their lives. With your heart filled and touch soul to continue support will help us to provide these children with their needs. Donations will allow the TADO community Foundation to deliver year-round comprehensive support to children with less fortune life, Gift also accepted and will efficiency maximize their hope to live and bring bright hope to their future.

How we Work.

Tado Community Foundation work hand in hand to support high quality children program through cooperate and generate fund from the engagement of small local handcraft business in-partnership with local the community work together with our board of trustees, stuff and team of volunteers. The foundation currently conducts programs to address the health issue, safety, well-being and the education to the less fortune Children. We also support the initiatives that advocate for children’s issue and collaborate in community-based organization that helps children in needs.

Our History.

Tado Community Foundation was established to bring the hope and future to children who are real in need, seeking help to thrive in order to develop into adult with a bright future. Founded in 2014, the dedicated board of directors, stuff and volunteers work to ensure that children with very little chances are afforded some opportunity that available to others children. The foundation originally supported only the program of education but now has expanded its mission to include to advocacy of children issue and support of community-based organizations.

Community Success.

Tado Community Foundation provides an opportunity for everyone to helps children as small as from food, health and to contribute to education supplier. The foundation has given foods and school supplier to disadvantage students and collaborate with other community-based programs to supplier health equipment for famine student to take care of their feminine needs and provide their happiest experiences as they are creating a better future.