Special Diet safari Packages

Travel is funny and more excited when everything is unique, different and new from our common life routine. This is your opportunity to explore more different activities, taste different dishes or to choose a specific meal you would like to have during your safari for specific purpose or medical condition. Everything in your safari is hand crafted specifically on how you wanted, we collect and join every piece of you story hand-craft together to dream safari of your choice. Our in-depth knowledge and experience develop more possibilities to your safari, we have sophisticated tools to make you your safari unique and only specific toiled based on your preference. Tells us what excite you to your safari and will tells you the whole stories. Africa is our home.

This safari packages are completely focus on special type of meal that you allowed to pick and so as to be saved on you safari, it can be specific one type of dishes at time in multiple days or multiple dishes in different days such Mediterranean and Local Cuisine or Paleo in one safari package. As we understand health meal is important into our life, and you choosing your special meal on your safari will definitely makes your safari health and more enjoyable.

Safari as a package, it’s not only one thing that makes it superb. It a combination of multiple aspect of services, we take every aspect very serious and in-depth detail we hand crafted accordingly to make sure it fulfills your worthwhile dream safari.

Kosher Diet Safari

Mediterranean Diet Safari

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