Rwanda is a landlocked republic country lying south of the Equator in east Africa. Known for its breathtaking scenery, Rwanda is often referred to as le pays des mille collines in French which means “land of a thousand hills”. The capital city is Kigali

Gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park bordering with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this national park in Rwanda is home to a growing number of critically endangered mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is largely considered a safe activity. The gorillas are mostly apathetic to their human visitors. Armed guides, who use a bunch of clicking sounds to communicate with the gorillas, keep guests safe from potential dangers, making the experience one that you’ll never forget.

Kigali Genocide Memorial heartbreaking, visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial is an important part of being a responsible tourist in Rwanda. Give yourself time to contemplate the experience and have a moment of silence for the 250,000 victims interred at this site at the memorial’s Gardens of Reflection.

Nyungwe Forest National Park contains a spectacular array of biodiversity, including 1,068 plant species, 322 species of birds, and 75 types of mammals. Most tourists come to this rainforest to track chimpanzees, which have been habituated to humans by park rangers.
Hanging out with primates isn’t the only thing to do in Nyungwe. The park is also home to the only canopy walk in East Africa, roughly a 90-minute hike from the Uwinka Visitor Center. You’ll walk across a 91-meter-long suspension bridge dangling more than 50 meters above the verdant rainforest, getting a dizzying view of the treetops and mountains in the distance.

Akagera National Park. Managed by the African Parks organization, Akagera and its biodiversity have made an incredible recovery from near decimation after the Rwandan genocide. The 1,140-square-kilometer expanse (one of Central Africa’s largest protected wetlands) now boasts all of the Big Five animals, along with an abundance of birds and antelope.

Rwanda has a rich and well documented cultural history. Far from being clearly distinct tribes, the Hutu and the Tutsi who comprise the majority of the population, speak the same language Kinyarwanda after intermarried they lived and work together on their same fertile hillsides.

Rwanda is mountainous country diverse, and it is rounded by gorgeous. Jungles the savannas, volcanoes and lakes. In this little country every park or reserve have its own unique beauty. Rwanda is called the Land of a Thousand Hills. Rwanda is a conservation and wildlife success story, and options for wildlife encounters and national park visits are plentiful it is such a small country but has a lot to do when pay a visit.

Volcanoes National Park

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Akagera National Park