Is part of an archipelago islands, off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, Mafia Island was an important port on the trade route in the 8th century. Merchants traveling to Madagascar and Mozambique would use the island as a stopover and called it “Morfiyeh” while the island natives called it “mahali pa afya” meaning “a healthy abode”. The locals appreciate their unpretentious life of fishing, farming and weaving baskets and mats, and actually make efforts to keep the outside capitalist world at a distance. Mafia is covered with lush tropical vegetation and abounds with fruit trees, baobabs, palms and mangroves.

Swimming with whale sharks They are the largest fish in the oceans of the world and can reach lengths of 12 meters. These spectacular creatures with their distinctive spots and stripes markings seem to favor the areas around the island and are known to be present almost all the year round; though best time to visit is October to March when they are spotted feeding on the higher surface.

Snorkeling and Scuba diving excursion at the marine park where a stunning diversity of coral shelters more than 460 species of fish and other marine creatures visible in the gentle rays of the sun filtering through crystal clear waters.

Cultural heritage on the coastal islands of Tanzania, and Kua civilization at Juani Island alongside other kinds of edifices echoing the past such as the lighthouse at Ras Mkumbi in northern Mafia. The sandy beaches of Juani are also the favorite nesting site of green turtles.

Mafia has remained a very local island in the Indian Ocean. The local residents of Mafia island are mostly fishermen and farmers. Farmers generally grow tropical fruits and rice, while some may cultivate trees for cashews or coconuts. Visitors to the island are certain to enjoy tropical treats grown right there, on the island.

Mafia Island, is an island paradise offering superb diving and ocean experiences. Travelers looking for get aways from crowded tourist hubs and overdone resort and accommodations can saturate themselves in Mafia’s pristine waters, white sand beaches and coral reefs. The name “Mafia” comes from the Swahili phrase Mahali pa Afya, which means ‘the place of good health’. And, we certainly think spending time on this island can only improve someone’s health. Mafia Island Marine Park is the first site to be designated a marine park in all of Tanzania, and is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of this incredible marine area.

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