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At Tado Travel Company, you will have a better chance to experience travel arrangements with a new perspective, one that meets and always looking forward to exceeding them. Our focus virtually lies with the notion that customers must be dealt with innovative and satisfaction to create a travel experience that they can live with for a great deal of time. Our best services from staff, integrated with splendid attractions and people define a distinguished brand for our most cherished customers and the community surrounding us.
We grow with a wealth belief to serve all tourists from different corners of the world through creating a traveling platform and clear tourism logistic which are sincere of great desire and worthwhile to our customers and the nation at large. The spectacular scenery of Tanzania the world’s best tourism destination and its wonderful people is one of our strong strengths to realize the achievement of our goal since it inspires us to work in such a tourism paradise.
We offer all sorts of travel arrangements to all tourism attractions with a high level of professionalism, friendliness, and therefore uniqueness in;

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Our Accommodation Categories


We provide a booking and reservation service to Hotel and Lodge where our clients they will prefer to stay overniht according to there choice or the nature of the Safari

Mobile Camping/Campingg gear

We provide camping gear and making booking for camping site as per client preference. The camping equipment are of greater condition and our price is unique.

Hostel facilities.

We provide a Hostel service to large groups especial students, or any client who will request this service. Our hostel are well maintain and we also include catering services.