Giraffe inside Ngorongoro Crater!!

Our Tour guide captured this rare sighting.

A rare appearance of a Giraffe inside Ngorongoro Crater is a simply strange story. In wildlife phenomenon, that was reporting in Tanzania by tour guide this year.

This giraffe has been spotted inside the Ngorongoro Crater by our Guides. This is the first time, in recent years, that a giraffe descends onto the floor of Caldera.

Tour guides captures the photos of the same giraffe, climbing up from the crater, after realizing that the basin was not worthy of it.

Normally Giraffes and Impala are the only species do not present in the Ngorongoro Crater. Because there is no open woodland, which is favorite, to these species, especially acacia trees.

In, addition, the steep crater walls, are preventing the tall mammals, from climbing down the caldera, embankments.

The rim of the crater is about 2,200 meters and features. Its own distinct climatic differences from that of the crater basin and the surrounding highlands.

This Giraffe being spot inside the crater, is one of the series of strange wildlife occurrence.  In East Africa this year.

Others include a rare albino giraffe spotted in Tarangire, White buffalo, Twin elephants and White Zebra in Ngorongoro

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