CEO's Message

 As we are entering another promising 2021, we here at Tado we are toking forward to redefining customer’s experience in terms of quality, involvement innovation, and different/Uniqueness.

Quality, at Tado we don’t define what is quality is, rather we very much focus on what composes (comprises quality) and we come to realize professionalism, friendliness as well as timeliness in our travel arrangement are the essence of quality. We believe that when all these components are equal combined together our customers will have a perfect definition of quality.

Involvement and innovation, this time around we much like to offer our esteemed customers with a chance to involvement in our innovative ideas to find a match (a perfect match for their packages) with their preferences on our mind and our center of focus.

The difference, many preach about difference as they try to define their brand, with our great deal of professional as a domestically focused entity you will have a chance of experiencing the difference with the specialized group travel packages that designated to move than just safari but additional chances of networking as well.

Our main focus in this year and years to follow is to you our delight customers to have a taste of any East Africa destination of your choice in a highly defined manner that will leave you with great experience and unforgettable memories.